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MSc in Marketing Management programme (ranked no. 7 in Eastern Europe by Eduniversal Master Ranking) develops knowledge and skills in business and marketing and directs students towards the commercial environment. The programme also seeks to encourage one’s creative expression and help smooth a path to this exciting sector. Our graduates are represented in an extremely diverse range of multinational, national and local organisations the world over, including sales, advertising, account management, PR and market research.

Структура программы

Consumer behaviour, marketing research, marketing communication, contemporary issues in marketing, digital marketing, corporate communications, marketing of services, business strategy, cross cultural management skills. The curriculum is indicative and is subject to change.

Modules in each part

1st semester:
- Consumer Behaviour
- Marketing Communication
- Marketing Research
- Academic Skills
- Quantitative Methods for Social Sciences

2nd semester:
- Business Strategy
- Digital Marketing
- Contemporary Issues in Marketing
- Research Methods for Social Sciences
- Skills for Managers
- Marketing Management Option


Marketing Management Options
- Marketing of Services
- Corporate Communication


Students upon graduation should be equipped with:

- global economic and managerial issues as they relate to strategic decision making;
- contemporary issues of marketing, including the phenomenon of new media and social media;
- the current interpretation of brands and entertainment marketing;
- how CSR, responsible and ethical marketing can add value to profitable business strategies;
- appropriate techniques to deal with complex issues critical to the success of multinational firms.


Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

- To create an opportunity for students to occupy mid-level marketing management positions in companies and develop international managerial skills.
- To study, review and put into practice both the “tried and tested” techniques and the latest concepts in the field of marketing management.
- To deepen the students’ ability to apply, develop and critically appraise current techniques, theories and practices encountered in the marketing environment of local and international firms.
- To develop critical awareness of the global business environment and the relevant marketing tools required to make a business or organisation successful in an increasingly competitive world.
- To develop international managers, skilled in interpersonal and cross-cultural communications, and equipped with up-to-date knowledge on marketing management.
- To create a global and strategic mindset and to develop sensitivity to learning from other cultures.
- To build an appreciation in students of the need to continuously develop skills and knowledge throughout their careers.

Карьерные возможности

Graduates will be able to pursue careers in a wide range of marketing roles at a creative agency or in the media sector including Product Management, Sales, Advertising, Public Relations and Market Research.

Recent IBS graduates are working as brand managers or sales executives at PR/marketing/advertising agencies or in the FMCG sector, in the health industry or in the media.

Подать заявление! Осенний семестр 2021/22
Период подачи заявлений истек
Начало обучения
21 сент. 2021 г.

Сроки подачи заявлений применяются к гражданам: Соединенные Штаты

Подать заявление! Осенний семестр 2021/22
Период подачи заявлений истек
Начало обучения
21 сент. 2021 г.

Сроки подачи заявлений применяются к гражданам: Соединенные Штаты