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BScBiochemical Engineering

Tuition fee $6,000 per year
Application fee $150 one-time
Deposit €50 one-time

This 50 EUR is an acceptance insurance paid to our agency to guarantee your acceptance letter. This means, if we cannot get you acceptance letter, then we refund you back this amount fully.

Please note that this amount will increase to 60 EUR from May 1, 2020 and further to 75 EUR from June 1, 2020. Complete your application package as early as possible and enjoy the lower prices!


The Biochemical Engineer Bachelor of Sciences program offers a unique combination in a variety of studies which together provide a thorough background in the field of biotechnology.

Our aim is to enable students to be competent in all fields of biotechnology by obtaining a deep theoretical knowledge and practical skills (engineering and technological). Students will have their own experience in laboratory and manufacturing practices that a biochemical engineer may encounter in everyday work. Students will get acquainted with the equipment and apparati used in the biotechnological industry and understand their optimal operation.

Programme structure

General Main Subjects:
- Introduction to Economics,
- Quality Management,
- Civil Law,
- European Institutions and European Law,
- Commercial Law,
- Mathematics and Biomathematics,
- Physics,
- General Chemistry,
- Organic Chemistry,
- Physical and Biophysical Chemistry,
- Colloid Chemistry,
- Biochemistry,
- Analytical Chemistry,
- Infomatics and Computing for Engineers,
- Bioinformatics,
- Genetics,
- Microbiology,
- Molecular Biology,
- Microbial Physiology,
- Bioprocess Engineering,
- Introduction to Engineering,
- Chemical Unit Operations,
- Process Control,
- Computer Modeling of Chemical Technology Systems,
- Design of Experiments,
- Safety,
- Environmental Protection,
- Factory Visits.

Career opportunities

Therefore, graduates can choose from a wide range of carrier opportunities in different areas in biotechnology according to their field of interest and to work either in theoretical or practical areas. They will also have opportunity to work in the field of research and development.

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States