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BABusiness Administration and Management

Tuition fee $5,500 per year
Application fee $150 one-time
Deposit €50 one-time

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The aim of the programme is to prepare specialists in economics and business who using the skills acquired in the fields of economics, social sciences, applied economics, methodology and their chosen specialisation are able to analyse, plan, organize, coordinate and accomplish the activities of business organisations and institutions. The programme provides students with the necessary background knowledge to continue to the second (MA) phase of their training.

This course will provide broad background on a wide range of issues related to international business. We examine the challenges facing managers that are competing in a dynamic and global business environment. The study emphasizes intercultural awareness, effective work performance, and a global perspective of management, business, and careers. The course focuses on both the acquisition of knowledge and the development of skills. The goal is to improve your global competence by helping you understand: the economic, political, technological, and legal environment faced by global organizations; the ways in which culture can facilitate or hinder organizational success; approaches and options for developing effective strategies for international and global organizations; and the behavioral and human resource practices that define successful global organizations. The application of international business concepts will be practiced using a variety of methods including instructor lectures, presentations, videos, case analyses, and active in-class discussions of current international management issues.

Programme structure

General Core Module (46 credits)
- Mathematics (10 credits)
- Statistics (10 credits)
- Economics (17 credits)
- Basics in Informatics (3 credits)
- Economic Policy (3 credits)
- The World Economy (3 credits)

Business Core Module (53 credits)
- Business Law (7 credits)
- Business (3 credits)
- Accounting (10 credits)
- Organisational Behaviour (7 credits)
- Marketing (4 credits)
- Corporate Finance (8 credits)
- Decision Theory and Methodology (4 credits)
- Database Management and Information Systems (3 credits)
- European Union Studies (3 credits)
- International Business (4 credits)

Advanced Professional Module (27 credits)
- Marketing Management (4 credits)
- Human Resource Management (4 credits)
- Corporate Strategy (4 credits)
- Management of Value Adding Processes (4 credits)
- Controlling (5 credits)
- Business Planning (3 credits)
- Change Management (3 credits)

Professional Optional Subjects (36 credits)

Skill Development Optional Courses (9 credits)

Social Science Optional Courses (9 credits)

Career opportunities

Students completing the course will be able to:
• fill specialised positions in business organisations
• provide the necessary problem-solving approach to decisions made within companies
• communicate effectively in both domestic and international business contexts using their Information Technology skills
• adapt to the changing environment and develop their own careers by analysing their
• experiences and continuing their professional education; furthermore, to widen the
• knowledge they have gained on the course through practical experience
• carry out independent work in various fields within companies
• undertake management functions in the general management of organizations

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States