Founder's welcome!

Welcome to our website!

I am proud to introduce you the most innovative application system for foreigners to apply to Hungarian universities. I am also a foreigner and came to study my master's degree in Economics at Central European University (CEU)  in Budapest, in 2009. Having lots of challenges in application process and adapting academic environment of a new country, I decided to  help other foreigners to apply to the prestigious universities in Hungary during the last 10 years. I lived and worked in this beautiful country, and suggested it to all foreigners who were asking me about study abroad opportunities.

I am a visiting lecturer  at International Business School Budapest (IBS)  and pursing my PhD  at the University of Pécs  currently. These are 3 universities where I have built an academic relationship and there are several others where I have also made a connection with wonderful teams responsible for admissions, marketing of study programs and internal offices taking care of foreign students. Moreover, education is my passion and I also proudly donate to different education causes all over the world.

This application system is strictly for self-financed students and not for applicants seeking scholarships. It is managed by the student recruitment agency owned by myself. 

Although our application system is quite easy, I am pretty sure you will have questions while using it, so feel free to contact us . Enjoy the simplicity of our application system and hope to see you soon in Hungary :)

Best regards,

Rashad Mehbaliyev